Semi Private Training Offer

Semi Private Training Offer

Semi-Private Training – SPT (small group training -SGT) is a great way of achieving your fitness and health goals.

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Learn the 5 Benefits of Semi Private Training and check out the two different packages we offer. 

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I go to classes each week to motivate me to get fit and lose my baby tummy, that has been hanging around for nearly 3 years!  I like training in a small group as Matt can motivate me individually and correct any exercises I am doing wrong or if I’m not working hard enough!  He also knows about my injuries so can tailor exercises for me. Sarah 

Matt’s classes are perfect for me, the studio in Woburn sands means I have no excuses not to turn up as I knew I would never bother to drive to the gym. The semi private classes are great, always something different and Matt pushes each of us within our own limitations, and to top it off I have made many new friends, a great bunch of ladies 😘. I have seen a real change in my body shape and for the first time in years I feel confident enough to have bare arms and have even bared my stomach during training! Kath

For me, your sessions were initially to try and lose weight, but since I’ve been going I’ve felt more of buzz seeing the change to my body shape and fitness level. I enjoy the variation of exercises and the relaxed friendly atmosphere, everyone is welcoming and supportive. I like that you are able to accommodate all levels of fitness and are on hand to offer alternative exercises if we’re struggling or suffering from an injury. Plus always giving me that extra push to stretch myself. Ann 

I started coming to get back into fitness after a few years off and to feel strong again. The best thing is there's no machines and no pressure from people watching like there is at a gym. It's all supportive and relaxed but you push us as hard as we can take. Laura 

I was very nervous when I was recommended to come to one of Matt’s classes, at 63 I felt I was too old and had not exercised for a few years, but was assured I would love it and love it I do!! I love the changes, how much fitter I feel and my energy levels are so much better. Matt is very accommodating and motivating. I love the semi private training classes and would 100% recommend 👍🏼 Monica 

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