3-2-1 Training

3-2-1 Training

3-2-1 will be in groups of 3 people, ideally friends 

The groups will be all male or all female

What is included:

  • Measurements every 2 weeks
  • Photos every 6 weeks
  • Body fat caliper testing every 7 weeks
  • A nutrition plan to follow with check ins and changes when needed
  • Weekly workouts to complete with check ins
  • Every 8 weeks you will be set a new fitness, nutrition, strength challenge

10 sessions £250 each (£25 per person)

4 sessions £100 each 

From doing research, studies and trials I have found the nest way to optimise peoples training results is training in small groups of 3 people. In a group of 3 you will always have 1 person better, 1 person more competitive than you, and 1 not quite as good as you. 

This gives the perfect balance for motivation, encouragement, and the drive to push that little bit more.  

With the Fitness Suite guidance, expertise, passion for results and unique blend of training styles you will be left asking yourself “why am I only just starting the 3-2-1 way”. 

3-2-1 FIT

  • Become Cardiovascular fit
  • Burn body fat
  • Decrease your fitness age 
  • Combination of strength and high intensity training
  • Improve stability 
  • Drop body fat
  • Fit into those jeans or dress you have always wanted 
  • Full Body exercises
  • Shape up 
  • Tone up 


It's our unique 10 week training course where we will get you to master all the basic body weight exercises. Using just your bodyweight as the equipment you will see your body shape change. Increase your strength, decrease body fat & improve fitness levels!

  • Get that athletic body 
  •  Muscular endurance 
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Explosiveness 
  • Improve posture
  • Gain amazing strength 
  • How to correctly use your body as the best fitness/strength tool 
  • Mobility 
  • Work towards getting gymnastic strength & body type 
  • Amazing core strength 
  • Master your body