Why you should have a workout buddy

16 Apr

Are you struggling with motivation? Or want to get more out of every workout you do? 

Then one of the smartest moves you can make is to get a workout buddy. Having the right workout buddy can often make the difference between failure and success, mediocre results and amazing results. You may think that you work well on your own, but having the right workout buddy can make you dig that little bit deeper into those reserve levels of strength and energy (we all hold back a little bit and keep some in reserve) to get those extra few reps out. At the end of the day you get out what you put in and by having the right workout buddy it will help to give it your all. 

3 Benefits of having a workout buddy:

Commitment increases HUGELY

Everyone finds it easy to bail out of a workout if their on their own. This is where having a workout buddy will put a stop to this as its much harder to ditch a workout when you know your going to let your workout partner down, and the grief that you will get next time you see them. Plus by having a workout buddy it means you have to plan your workouts in advance to meet both your schedules, and once its down on paper and scheduled its much more likely your going follow through with it. 

Woking out becomes FUN

Workouts should be fun, the more fun your workouts are the more your going to look forward to them and stay committed over the long term. With the right workout buddy there is no doubt that it can make working out a lot more fun whilst still having a serious workout achieving your goals. As sometimes working out can be lonely but just having that social contact i.e laughing, encourage and motivate will make them more enjoyable and better results being achieved. It will also make trying new exercises, equipment, classes etc a lot less intimidating, as they say - power in numbers!

Having competition improves your performance

As much as a lot of us try denying it we all have a little bit of a competitive streak in us. Healthy competition is seen as a good thing as this is what will help to improve your performances. By having the right workout buddy is key, this is someone that is about 40% fitter than you are - making it a challenging but achievable goal for you to meet. This will help to maximise motivation, and by having a partner that is fitter than you it produces an effect known as the KOHLER EFFECT - not wanting to be the weakest link. 

When your looking for the perfect workout buddy and serious about wanting to achieve your fitness goals, you have to be selective in who you pick. For me it has to be someone with:

Compatible styles of motivation - There is nothing worse than having a cheerleader motivating you when what you really need is someone screaming at you like a army drill sergeant.

You need to share similar goals - If your wanting to lose weight and get to 12% body fat and they want to become a yoga pro, then your probably going to want to find someone else. As there is a huge mis-match here and your styles of workouts aren't going to work together. 

A good attitude and compatible schedules - For better results you need someone that is positive and friendly along with being goal driven to help you keep on track for those days where you don't feel like working out. If your schedules don't match up then neither will your workouts as you will never be able to train together.

A few simple benefits of having a workout buddy and what to look for in one. Now go and get yourself one and get those results you want with some serious and fun workouts!!


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