Top 5 Benefits Of Semi Private Training

11 Dec

Why SPT Is The New Way To Get Results


Semi-Private Training – SPT (small group training -SGT) is a great way of achieving your fitness and health goals.  Over the last few years SPT/SGT has become quite the buzzword as small exercise studios are in and box gyms are out. 

This is because people nowadays want personalised workouts and individual attention without having to pay the hefty price of one-on-one training.

Being a Personal Trainer for 8years, I have come across a lot of different mentalities, fears and views on working with a Personal Trainer. A common one is the stress of being in the spotlight or feeling intimidated, which can put a lot of people off. 

Through wanting to help to change/improve as many peoples life’s as possible I have found that the best way to get results and to get people into working with trainers is through SPT. You are never in a group of more than 6 other people, meaning you still get the attention of the trainer. Along with training you will have like minded others to help keep you motivated and no one-on-one pressure. 

Over the last few years the amount of small exercise studios opening has tripled, and is only going to keep growing in demand. Below you will see 5 top benefits of why SPT is growing.

5 Top Benefits Of Semi Private Training


The obvious advantage of SPT compared to one-on-one training is cost. Basing it on the cost of a one-on-one session at £40 with myself, and the cost of SPT packages. 

With SPT you can be paying either £60/£80 (8/12 sessions per month) and for the same amount of sessions but on a one-one-one basis it would cost £320/£480 per month. So as you can see your saving £260/£400 a month. 

Meaning that it makes improving fitness and health a lot more accessible to more people. A lot of people will shell out £100 or less a month for good instruction, great workouts, and solid results. But not a lot of people can or will pay hundreds of pounds a month for the same thing. 


There is nothing worse than dedicating numerous days and paying for a gym membership to only see that your not progressing and seeing the results that you should. By being part of a SPT group you will be lead by an instructor who has the knowledge to transform your body and confidence into something you’ve always wanted. 


By training in a SPT group it can give you a massive boost for people that have trouble motivating themselves, and for when your having an off day. The support and the camaraderie of the group will give you that lift that is needed. 

If your competitive, it gives you others to measure yourself against and to inspire you more. And if your shy there will be friendly people encouraging you along your journey. 


Unlike your standard group exercise classes in gyms, (that will have large numbers of people in) resulting in the instructor not being able to correct and help participants out, and looking more like a choreographed dance, keeping the same routine for a couple of months. 

SPT sessions will only have a maximum of 6 people in which allows your trainer to spend more time monitoring your progress and helping you with your form. 


The National Federation of Professional Trainers said that: "Semi-Private Training sessions, creates camaraderie among individuals". With this in mind, think about the people and the bonds that you will form. Allowing you to surround yourself with people who are aiming for the same goals which will motivate you and benefit your social well being.

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