Sustainability - The Ability To Be Maintained

07 Feb


This to me is a KEY WORD along the path to success not only in fitness but life and business.

If your serious about achieving your goals, improving your health, moving forwards with your life.....etc you need to make sure that this becomes one of your key words!

Why is it people want a quick fix whether it’s a stupid fad diet from eating one meal a day, starving yourself, a liquid diet, lemon juice diet......the list goes on.

Following one of these just isn’t healthy, yes they will get you quick results, but that’s because your not eating!

Or even smashing out 5 HIIT sessions a week, again not healthy for you, this amount of training this way is way to much stress on the body.

Following a fad diet and training HIIT all the time...yes it will get you results quickly, BUT you will NOT be able to sustain this way of eating and training it will slowly deteriorate your body inside and out. You wouldn’t run your car on empty so why would you starve your body of the goodness it needs to run properly.

Don’t just think of the short term gains, it has to be about the long term results and keeping it going. Eating is easy - eat healthy and always finish in a calorie deficit if your after weight loss.

Mix up your training and shock the body for maximum results. There are so many ways of training so many exercises to make sure you get where you want to get to.

If your overwhelmed, stuck in a rut with it all then get in contact. We can set you up with an exercise plan designed uniquely for you and around your life along with giving you guidance for your nutrition. It’s about finding out what works for you as an individual, everybody is different and reacts in different ways.

As much as everybody tries to deny it or hide it, we all want to look our best, feel amazing inside and out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s never as scary as you may think.


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