STOP! Gym memberships and weights!

30 Apr

When it comes to getting in shape, losing weight, toning up, increasing fitness levels, dropping body fat etc it really doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. Using your own bodyweight for workouts is the perfect choice for improving your personal fitness, reaching your goals and leading a healthy and fit life. One of the biggest benefits to this is that you can do the exercises literally anywhere. 

If your new to fitness, stuck in the same routine or program, or just your typical gym person who goes in jumps on the machines and throws some weights about or just needs convincing that bodyweight is training is awesome then check out my top 5 reasons for choosing body weight training. 

- No cost No equipment - There is no need for a gym membership, barbells, kettle bells or even cardio machines, which lets be honest is usually used to hang clothes on. All you need is a small space and your own bodyweight. The workouts may be short but they are also quite intense, which means they are more than enough to positively transform your body. And if you ever feel the need to make it a little harder then slow it down for strength and speed it up for your cardio/plyo and if you did want some extra weight grab yourself a pumpkin or a big bottle of water. 

- Boredom doesn't exist! - The great thing with bodyweight training is that it is easy to customise, its perfect for beginners and the more advanced fitness enthusiasts. As you can modify every single exercise, there is never a chance of getting bored with your workouts. You can take shorter rests, change up the exercises and increase the intensity. And with common bodyweight exercises such as press ups, squats and burpees that have so many different variations, along with the fact that you can use friends to make exercises harder and more fun, you will never be bored, meaning that you are more likely to carry on with your training and achieve your fitness goals. 

- Greater balance - Using your bodyweight to workout is awesome for your balance. Have you ever tried exercises such as jump lunges or pistol squats? `if you have they you will know that keeping your balance really isn't easy. Having these kind of exercises as part of your exercise routine will help to improve your balance and at the same time will work our core stability aswell. 

- Using your own bodyweight is super effective - There is always all of talk about you can't build strength and muscles by just using your bodyweight. This isn't exactly true though, as although intense bodyweight training will not take up a lot of your time it will demand every ounce of energy and strength that you have. Training with bodyweight will give you the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. Your rests are kept short and your heart rate high making this training  super fat burner and it doesn't matter at  your current fitness/strength levels it will always be challenging. 

- Functional and fat burning - When working out it is beneficial and important to perform movements that are used throughout your daily routines. This is what is known as functional training, by training like this it will help to improve your ability to carry out everyday tasks and prevent injuries. Along with this bodyweight training is a super fat burner, with its intense interval training it will boost your metabolism in just a couple of minutes. Giving you the afterburner effect where you will continue to burn calories for upto 48hrs after your workout. 

There are 5 awesome reasons to give it a go, and keep an eye out for more articles on using bodyweight exercises for your training to reach your fitness goals!

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