Benefits of Drinking Water

22 Apr

There are many warning signs that your body will give you when you are dehydrated. Some of these are as follows:

- Urine will be a lot darker in colour

- You will hardly need the toilet and even if you do go it will only be a small amount passed through

-You will feel sleepy and fatigued a lot and it will be easier for you to feel like this

- Headaches can become a regular occurrence when dehydrated

- You will experience a dry mouth along with extreme thirst

One of the first simple signs of dehydration is feeling thirsty, its all well and good drinking water first thing in the morning to help stay hydrated. But this will only work for a little while, you need to make sure that your sipping water throughout the day, its recommended on average you should be drinking about 2litres a day. It is always advisable to opt for pure, clean filtered water when ever you can, as you can sometimes be surprised at how disgusting tap water can be. 

It is easy and a common mistake that people think they drink a lot throughout the day to help prevent dehydration, but you should never consider sweet juices, soda, tea or coffee as a replacements for pure water. These simply won't hydrate you aswell, as sugar, salt and caffeine dehydrate the body. If your in the habit of drinking a coffee every morning, then drink a glass of water along the side of it to make sure you aren't dehydrating yourself further. One of the safest and healthiest ways to detox the body is by drinking more water, by doing this you will feel satiated which will help weight loss as you will over eat less. That feeling of being hungry is a lot of the time the body giving you a sign that you need to drink more, so before eating something try having a glass of water and then if the hunger pangs are still there then eat.

5 Top Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

- Help to beat digestive disorders - In my eyes this is a great reason to want to stay hydrated. As by making sire your body has enough water it can help reduce and eliminate incidences of acid reflux, bloating, gas, ulcers, gastritis and IBS. Keeping a well hydrated body discharges toxins and metabolic wastes better. 

- Speed up joint and cartilage repair - By not drinking enough water our bones will feel stiff and our joints will take a beating. This is due to the fact that most of the padding in our cartilage is made up of water. Not only this but by staying properly hydrated it will also speed up joint repair after workouts and injuries. 

- Combat fatigue - Feeding your body enough water will help to make sure that your body functions and runs correctly. Water is one of the most important sources of energy that your body needs. This is due to the fact water helps cells to complete important enzymatic activities which all help to contribute to getting good sleep, the fixing of bodily systems and to help produce enough energy to help get you through your day. 

- Reduces high blood pressure - Blood is approximately 92% water! ONLY when the body is fully hydrated! So the more water you have in your body helps to keep the blood moving freely through the veins and arteries which helps to prevent high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms along with other cardiovascular ailments. 

- Prevent unwanted weight gain - By starving your body of water will result in our cells being depleted of water which means they are unable to create energy we need to function. So they send a signal to the brain to 'get more goods' meaning that you will eat more and gain some extra weight. So a hydrated body means happy cells and no fat signals being sent to the brain. 

A top tip is after a workout instead of drinking a sports drink,  which are full of refined sugar. Try having some water with some lemon and a little sea salt!

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