3 Top reasons you should be doing HIIT

05 Apr

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - This describes a workout that switches between intense bursts of exercise and fixed periods of less intense exercise or even complete rest. A great starter HIIT workout is only 15minutes in total. It consists of of running as fast as you can for 60seconds followed by 2 minutes of of walking and repeating 5 times for a fat blasting workout. Yes it sounds to easy to be true but we all know science doesn't stretch the truth. Keep reading for 3 TOP benefits of HIIT!

- You will burn more fat and have healthier heart - During a HIIT workout you will burn more calories than you would going for a run. As the intensity is so high it sends your bodies repair cycle into hyperdrive. Which means you will burn more fat and calories in the 24hours after the workout than you would after a steady run. 

When your in that place of not being bale to breathe and you feel like your heart is ready to explode, its known as the anaerobic zone, a result of HIIT training. This may be seen as extreme training but it will reduce extreme results. There have been studies that found after 8 weeks of completing HIIT workouts, subjects could take there run time down and cycle twice along as they could before the 8weeks whist maintaining the same pace. 

- You will increase your metabolism - Not only will you get an increase in fat burning but by doing HIIT workouts it will stimulate production of your human growth hormone (HGH) by upto a massive 450percent during the 24hour period after your workout. Aswell as HGH being responsible for increased caloric burn, it will also slow down the raging process, and who doesn't want to look and feel younger!

- Its super efficient - Its the ideal workout for people with busy schedules as it allows you to squeeze a worthwhile lunchtime workout or to get into shape for a up coming event. There is research that shows you will get more results and better progress when you do just 15minute of HIIT training just 3 times per week than you would jogging on a treadmill for an hour. By completing high intensity workouts it will improve your aerobic capacity in just a number of week compared to doing 6-8 weeks of endurance. And there is never an excuse of not having time to do it as you can complete an effective HIIT workout is as little as 4 minutes using the tabata method of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. 

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